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The brand's flagship technique, Digi-Esthetique™ is a signature massage specially developed by and for skin therapists, to optimize treatments and absorption of active ingredients.

Digi-Esthetique™ is stitched together from different massage techniques taken from Eastern and Western cultures and methods. Here we find inspiration from Chinese medicine (Qi = energy flow through meridians) and Japanese shiatsu (finger pressure) as well as well-known modeling techniques such as efflurage, petrisage and drainage.

A red thread..

The massages are composed for a stress-relieving feeling and a very pleasant experience for the recipient. In a Sothys IT (intensive treatment) facial treatment, Digi-Esthetique™ is carried out through various stages of the treatment. The massage transforms the salon treatment into an unforgettable sensory experience. Our vision with Digi-Esthetique™ and protocols is that these techniques ensure that all Sothy's treatments are carried out with the same care and professionalism regardless of whether you are in Paris, New York, Japan, Bergen or Warsaw.

The art of a treatment

There is a lot of thought behind a Sothys treatment and customer experiences are more important than ever. In an age where everything can be bought online, there is one thing that still cannot be moved out of the salon and that is the skin therapist's caring hands. A Sothys treatment is a genuine craft where the therapist constantly refines his skills. The Digi-Esthetique™ massages tie the various steps in a treatment together, and ensure good flow from start to finish.

Digi-Esthetique™ consists of 3 parts:

  1. Digi-Esthetique™ peeling: Massage on neck and shoulders during scrubbing (4 min)

  2. Digi-Esthetique™ main massage: Massage of the face, neck, shoulders and décolleté (12-15 min)

  3. Digi-Esthetique™ mask: Acupressure on scalp (2-5 min)

We never leave the customer in a treatment. When products have their working time, a massage technique is performed. This provides great added value as the customers feel that they are getting something more than "just" a facial treatment.

Digi-Esthetique™ can be found in our most advanced treatments

  • Hydrating intensive treatment

  • Youth intensive treatment

  • Detox Energie™ intensive treatment

  • Secrets® de Sothys - Excellence face treatment

"With Sothys' treatments, you take the customer on a sensual experience while working purposefully with the skin's needs. The art is to combine the effective with the pleasant. The experience starts when the customer enters the salon until the customer leaves it again. " - Therese M.

Attached you will find:

  • Massage techniques - PDF document

  • Presentation of the origins of Digi-Esthetique™

*Other videos for special treatments can be found associated with the individual treatment.

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