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In the fundamental facial treatment, the skin care professional selects the most suitable products for each individual customer. The treatment is tailored based on skin analysis and mapping of the skin's needs. The duration of the treatment is set to 60 minutes and must always include a customized Sothys ampoule and massage.

With this treatment, you have the freedom to adapt the treatment to the customer lying on your treatment bench. You can carry out the treatment 100% manually, or you can add devices such as vapazone or frimator as desired. Feel free to ask us for tips on combinations.

Info: Face scrub (peeling no. 2 in video) has been discontinued. This has been replaced by Skin radiance exfoliant in the Sothys Organics series and is used in the same way.

The goal of a classic facial treatment

This treatment is a great introductory treatment that allows you to get to know the customer's skin and wishes well. By playing on a wide selection of products (cleansers, ampoules, masks, creams, etc.), you can offer classic treatments for many different skin conditions, for example sensitive skin, combination skin, dehydrated or oily.

Sothys considers this treatment to be a fundamental treatment and is also a good solution for customers who want to reduce couperose, using the Clartè & confort series.

"Springboard" treatment?

This treatment gives you the opportunity to form a good picture of the customer's needs and wishes for their skin. You are welcome to recommend a classic facial treatment every 4 - 6 weeks OR you can consider offering one of Sothys' Professional or Intensive treatments, also called special treatments.

You will find e.g. a separate special treatments for:

Sensitive and highly intolerant skin (Soothing professional treatment)

  • Acne and clogged skin (Correcting treatment)

  • Eye treatment against wrinkles, lines and puffiness (Prescription Jeunesse™)

  • Skin renewal with acid brushing (Express pro peel)

  • Oxygenating treatment (Seasonal treatment)

  • Intensive hydrating treatment (Hydra hylauronic acid4™)

  • Intensive lifting / anti-wrinkle treatment (Youth)

  • Intensive detoxifying/energy-boosting treatment (Detox Energie™)

+ many more, proven effective treatment rituals. See our treatment menu under the "Introduction" category.

This course contains the following:


  • Execution of Sothy's classic facial treatment


  • Product files professional products, procedure classic skin care (see separate video for classic men's treatment under "Men's series: Sothys Homme").

  • Cheat Sheet/ Treatment Matrix

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