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The word hanakasumi derives from "hanami", where Japanese people celebrate the beginning of a new spring under the blossoming cherry trees. The scent in this treatment and the accompanying home products is derived from lovely cherry blossom and lotus.

Hanakasumi beytr "cherry blossom mist" = The scent of cherry blossom.

The treatment is inspired by Japanese purification rituals and bathing traditions. And receives massages from Eastern traditions with both reflexology and chakra point massage.

Take the customer on a sensual journey..

Hanakasumi™ offers the customer a very relaxing and comfortable treatment. We meet the customer with dimmed lighting, lit candles, a warm massage bench, heated products and accompanying music. The treatment takes 60 minutes and does not require a shower. It is suitable for both women and men, and pregnant/breastfeeding women can also have it performed.

"Once you discover Hanakasumi™, it's not hard to see why it's our best-selling body treatment ever."

Therese M.

Step by step (see detailed steps in the attached procedure):

  1. Welcome massage (Awakening prelude - see video)

  2. Application of hot enzyme peeling "Cherry blossom and rice powder gommage" - whole body

  3. Foot massage (Plantar - see video)

  4. Physical scrub with the "Exfoliating glowes" mitts - the whole body

  5. Massage of the whole body with warm "Shea butter with asian scents" (Essential modeling* - see video)

  6. Final massage (Relaxing final stage - see video)

  7. *Essential modeling is an optional massage, you are welcome to use your own body massage in this step.

This is what you need for Hanakasumi™

  • Hanakasumi™ treatment box x 10 containers (contains Cherry gommage + Shea butter)

  • Perfume burner (for heating Shea butter)

  • Exfoliating glows (sold separately. Use again and again. Wash up to 90℃, do not tumble dry)

  • Large and small towels for the body. Sothys supplies large and soft towels.

  • Attached you will find:

  • Hanakasumi™ body treatment procedure

  • 4 x associated massages

Welcome massage:

Massage of the feets:

Final massage:

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