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Discover two special serums inspired by dermoesthetic techniques to visibly combat signs of skin aging with a combination of active ingredients carefully selected by Sothy's Advanced research.

Mechanical and external stress

The lips are not only exposed to external stress factors (pollution, UV, cold etc.) every day but also to mechanical stress from muscle contractions. Together with the eye contour, they belong to the most fragile part of the face. These vulnerable areas are the first to show signs of aging. The high definition serums are suitable for women from the age of 45 who want to correct signs of aging (wrinkles, laxity, loss of volume), but also all women (and men) who want to postpone an aesthetic procedure.

Lip plumping serum

Inspired by lipofilling techniques, this serum restructures the tissue for naturally plump and fuller lips. With its hyaluronic "injection-like" complex, the serum plumps the lips for a 3D effect while smoothing wrinkles and fine lines around the contour.

Day after day, it restores the lips' youthful fullness, the surrounding area is redefined, and fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out.

USE: Apply to and around the lips morning and evening and at any time during the day. For best results, use the unique technique from Sothys specially designed for the lip area.

Eyelid lifting serum

Inspired by dermo-aesthetic techniques, this serum smoothes the eyelids, leaving them defined and radiant with youth. The synergy of high resolution active ingredients will visibly lift the eyelids. Day after day, the eyes become more open, the eyelids firmer and less droopy for a visibly younger appearance.

TO USE: Apply morning and evening all over the upper eyelid, working from the inner corner to the temple. For best results, use the unique technique from Sothys specially designed for the eye contour.

Both products are available in retail (20ml) and salon (25ml) tubes. See price list 2022 for prices.

Watch the video for information on effects, results and active ingredients.

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