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Once upon a time...

Sothys was established in 1946 as a skin care salon in fashionable rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris. The founder was Dr. Max Hotz. He was trained in medical biology, and developed cosmetic products for sale in the salon.

It was just after the Second World War, and Dr. Hotz was concerned, among other things, with finding formulations that could relieve and heal burns. He also invented the world's first concentrated and plant-based serum, which was packaged in sealed ampoules.

In 1966, Sothys was taken over by Bernard Mas and his family. They moved their headquarters to the small, cobbled town of Brive, which is also their hometown, in the scenic Corrèze region of southwest France.

With 75 years of experience and a large international market share, Sothys is a leading supplier of professional skin care products. The company is now managed by Frédéric and Christian Mas, who are the third generation in the family.

Ever since 1946,

when Dr. Hotz started developing skin care products adapted to the individual's needs, Sothys has been keen to be at the forefront of beauty research. By drawing on university environments in France, particularly the Université de Limoges' department for "green chemistry", Sothys has been able to patent a number of plant extracts and complexes for their various ranges.

We believe in new ideas and innovation.

In 1989, Bernard Mas founded SOREDEC (Sothys rsearch and development center) in Brive, France.

A team of 25 expert biochemists, pharmacists and dermatologists are responsible for the composition of new Sothys products. With an ability to innovate and incorporate the latest scientific advances, every year Sothys launches an average of 35 new product formulas and 15 new make-up products.

Each Sothys formula combines inspiration from nature and science and is based on the brand's four fundamental principles: sensoriality, safety, naturalness and effectiveness

All products are manufactured in France,

in Sothys' own production center located 10 minutes from the main quarter in Brive. These production facilities are subject to the strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. It is an expensive quality control system that is used to ensure all steps in the process.

It includes, among other things, strict hygiene measures, 100 percent traceability of raw materials and the entire production process, toxicological and pharmaceutical testing of raw materials and finished products, as well as a routine for recalling and monitoring the products on the market.

Sothys was introduced in Poland,

in the mid-80s through the Greslingaas family and then Biovital. The brand was taken over by Cosmenor in 2011 and today has its offices, course facilities and warehouse in Asker. There are around 80 salons and 4 skin care schools in Norway (2020) that carry the ever-growing brand.

Sothys Paris is a brand for professional skin care clinics, and has a wide selection with many branches such as face, body, make-up, cosmeceuticals, products for men, sun care and more. We at Cosmenor are keen to strengthen the position of skin care professionals and therapists in the market, and the products are therefore only sold by professionals in salons and spas.

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