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This is Sothys' ultimate moisture range to offer immediate and long-lasting hydration. It consists of 4 products for home use, salon variants of the same products and Hydrating intensive treatment, a special treatment for intense moisture.

3 main goals for our moisture range

  1. RESTORE AND PLUMP (Immediately restore hydration and plump the skin. Superficial action)

  2. REACTIVATE (Reactivate the moisture memory. Action between the cells in the epidermis)

  3. REGENERATE (Renew the epidermis. Action deeper into the skin)

The important moisture

A well-hydrated skin is important for the foundation of good skin health. If the skin is dehydrated, the skin cells are unable to work optimally and cell processes slow down or stop. Everything in a cell happens in a liquid phase, which means that moisture must be present for processes to take place.

Your customers will also experience better effects from their more active products, e.g. "anti-aging products or acid products" if they first increase the moisture level in the skin ahead of a "treatment course" either at home or in the salon - and maintain the moisture regularly ! #skincycling

  • Improves and strengthens the skin barrier and its functions

  • Gives the skin cells a basis to be able to carry out their tasks

  • Provides support and resilience to the skin

  • Increases the skin's elasticity and fills it out

  • Contributes to a balanced acid mantle/skin environment

  • Is one of the most important elements for preserving youthful skin

Our unique ingredients

This range is packed with familiar and new ingredients. Below you will get a quick insight into some of the ingredients that Sothys has created and selected for this series.

1055 BOLETUS EXTRACT (only in Sothy's products)

An exclusive, patented active ingredient from Sothys Advanced Research extracted from porcini mushrooms. Grows wild and is harvested manually in the heart of the Limousine area in France.

Rich in polysaccharides, vitamin B3 and anti-oxidant components: Effect on the barrier function, moisture flow in the epidermis and preventive aging (Pro-youth action).

Acts as a hyaluronic acid booster: stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid by 23% in the epidermis and by 29% in the dermis.

ORGANIC ROW BERRY PEPTIDES (only in Sothy's products)

A new, exclusive patented active ingredient from Sothys Advanced Research. Picked by hand in a certified organic area. Organic rowan berry peptides are created through a patented enzyme extraction process in line with principles from green chemistry.

Booster the skin's own hyaluronic acid. Increases the production of lipids which are essential for the barrier function. Intercellular action for the reactivation of moisture memory.

After 4 years of research, organic rowan berry peptides revealed a global action on the barrier function.


Obtained by biotechnology, this micro-hyaluronic acid participates in the renewal of the skin (increases the cell profiling of keratinocytes and fibroblast cells). It allows rapid and deeper penetration thanks to its very small size (less than 5 kDa).


A perennial coastal plant. This organically certified active ingredient is rich in vitamins and minerals and is extracted through an extraction that respects the environment. It works on moisture flow via aquaporins (channels that allow water to travel through the cell membranes of the epidermis) and stimulates the production of NMF (natural moisturizing factors) in the skin.


From 100% natural origin, biomimetic (mimics natural ceramide that we have in the skin) active ingredient provides the skin with the natural ceramides and phospholipids that are essential for the formation of a protective skin layer and thus helps strengthen the skin's barrier function and restores hydration.

More information on various active substances is forthcoming.. See appendix: Compendium Hydra4

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