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Eye cryo professional treatment

This 45-minute long treatment targets the eye area's three biggest challenges; wrinkles, bags and dark circles. The treatment is carried out 100% manually with the specially developed products and the unique porcelain massage spoons which provide a very soothing, draining and smoothing effect.

Who is the treatment suitable for?

  • Women and men who want to prolong and preserve the youthfulness of their eyes can perform this. Recommended from 25 years of age to prevent, and from 45 years and above to correct signs of ageing.

  • Customers who sleep little/sleep problems (shift workers, parents of young children, party queens/kings)

  • Busy people, a lot on the move and travel, jet lag

  • Those who work a lot in front of a PC screen or mobile phone

  • Before a special occasion if the customer wants a more radiant look!

Single treatment?

The treatment can be performed as a single treatment (1 time) for those who want an immediately smoothed, lifted and more alert eyes: Perfect before a special occasion or customers who want a quick solution to tired eyes. Younger, more rested eyes, right from the first treatment.

Youthful effect*:

  • Immediate smoothing effect: 100% satisfaction*

  • Firming and lifting effect for upper eyelids: 95% satisfaction*

  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles: 86% satisfaction*

Lightened - rested*:

  • Lighter eye contour. Rested eyes: 100% satisfaction*

Dark circles**:

  • The skin is on average: 28% lightened

* Percentage of satisfaction for 22 people, 24 hours after the first treatment. **Colorimeter measurements on 22 people, 24 hours after the first treatment.

A series of treatments?

Eye cryo professional treatment can also be performed as a cure. Such a course consists of 3 treatments, which are carried out once per week, for 3 consecutive weeks. This regimen is recommended for customers with more advanced signs of ageing, deeper wrinkles, significant rings and swelling around the eye area. A course will give better results as well as more long-lasting results.

Dark rings:

  • Reduction of dark circles: 95% satisfaction*

  • The skin is on average: 49% lightened**


  • Reduction of swelling: 95% satisfaction*


  • 15% fewer wrinkles***

* Percentage of satisfaction for 22 people, 24 hours after the 3rd treatment. **Colorimeter measurements on 22 people, 24 hours after the 3rd treatment. *** Visioscan of the number of wrinkles on 22 people, 24 hours after the 3rd treatment, one treatment per week.


  • Massage files (massage with the porcelain spoons)

  • Procedure

  • Video (massage with the porcelain spoons)

  • Trailer/ video clip (can be used on social media)



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