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Classic treatment for men

A 60-minute long treatment that uses a combination of own products from the Sothys Homme range, combined with various masks from "Essential products" and Cristalline massage cream. This treatment begins with a 5-minute scalp massage to stimulate blood circulation and have a relaxing effect before the actual facial treatment.

Tip: Feel free to use several hot towels for easier product removal if the customer has a beard

The products in Sothys Homme are designed to be individual, handy and effective. All men's products contain volcanic stone* which is rich in magnesium, this ingredient has 2 main goals:

  • Detox: The skin is better protected. It is better equipped to withstand environmental stress and early signs of aging.

  • Energizing/ Give renewed energy: Magnesium is a genuine energy booster and helps to chase away signs of fatigue and restore skin tone.

*liquid extract from volcanic rock

Who is the treatment suitable for?

  • Men who want to look after and improve their skin health. The treatment can be combined with various masks, serums and creams according to the skin's needs and the customer's wishes. Men can carry out all of Sothys' facial treatments and special treatments, but this one has its own products that are extra adapted to men in terms of effect and fragrance.

  • Perfect as a "start treatment" to get to know the customer's skin and wishes

  • Can be performed alone, as a single treatment if necessary.

  • Can be combined with GL-pro peel (acid brushing) for a more brightening and skin-regenerating effect. Use 5ml of GL pro-peel after "Energizing face cleanser", leave on for 5-10 min. Wash off thoroughly. (NOTE! Not on freshly shaved/waxed skin).


Other good products for men.

It is entirely possible for men to use all the products in Sothy's range if desired, here we have highlighted some of our products outside the men's range, which we believe are equally suitable for men and women:

  • Perfect shape youth serum (for jawline, double chin and neck)

  • Intensive hydrating youth serum + all other serums we carry are suitable for men

  • Energizing cryo eye roll-on

  • Radiance eye cream

  • Hydra-protective face cream SPF 15 (matting day cream with a hint of color)

  • 3in1 Revitalizing shower gel (for face, body and hair)

  • REP repair balm (also good after shaving the scalp)

  • All SPF/sunscreens and after-sun

  • Sothys Organics™

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