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Sothys' products and professional treatment are formulated with special consideration for skin that can withstand little stress. These products have a composition that is:

  • Fragrance/perfume free

  • Color-free (Softening cleansing mask in the treatment contains titanium dioxide for glow)

  • pH value in the products is equal to the skin's optimum (pH 5.5)

  • Fewer number of ingredients

  • Water is completely or partially replaced with the treating Spa™ Thermal water

  • Carefully selected preservatives

3 main tasks for our sensitive series:

  • Protect: helps the skin's barrier functions and rebuilds its protective properties

  • Soothe: calms visible redness and inflammatory processes in the skin

  • Balance: increase the skin's tolerance and make it withstand more stress without reacting strongly. Supports the skin's microbiome for a better environment on the skin's surface and thus a better basis for the skin's own defences.

The "magical water" from Spa in Belgium

Sothys is the only skin care range in the world licensed to use the acclaimed thermal water called Spa™ Thermal water from the Marie-Henriette springs. The water is used for various psychological, rheumatic disorders as well as skin disorders and a large treatment center and spa has been built around these sources. Therms de Spa is going to be Belgium's most famous Spa, read more here:

Spa™ Thermal water's properties for the skin:

  • Study 2003: Shows an increase in cell division by +24%. This stimulates skin renewal and thus contributes to an improvement of the skin barrier.

  • Study 2013: Proves that the water blocks the TRPV1 receptors (pain receptors) on the nerve endings located just below the epidermis, responsible for discomfort and itching on the skin's surface. Spa™ Thermal water helps to rebalance the hypersensitivity and increase the skin's tolerance.


Important additional ingredients we find in the sensitive series/pro treatment

Together with Spa™ Thermal water, we also have a number of other active ingredients that contribute to the treatment's calming, protective and balancing effect. Here are some that may be helpful to note:

  • Extract from blue ageratum leaf (picture): Limits the release of inflammatory messengers (enzymes and mediators). Visibly reduces redness.

  • Brown algae extract: Limits inflammatory reactions.

  • Natural polysaccharides: Creates a protective film on the skin surface. Brings comfort and softness.

  • Dipeptide tyrosine-arginine: Soothes feelings of discomfort.

*Video is a recording from a digital customer evening, some elements are therefore aimed at the public (such as the competition), but we still think it is informative and has a useful value. Reminder that you will also find out more about Sensitive products under the module "Essential preparatory products > Regulating products"

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