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In the heart of Corrèze, through our Advanced Research laboratory, Sothys has created Sothys Organics™. This is the perfect combination of organic skin care and advanced efficiency that is organically certified (ECOCERT, verified by Cosmetic Organics) and vegan with a cosmeceutical touch.

Product overview:

  • Cleansing oil for face & eyes (sale 200 ml and salon 500 ml)

  • Skin radiance exfoliant (sale 50 ml and salon 150 ml)

  • Radiance mask (sale 50 ml)

  • Revitalizing emulsion (sale 50 ml and salon 150 ml)

  • Professional: Radiance treatment (box of 15 beh. / 3 x pro. products)

See the category: Sothys Organics professional treatment for more information about the salon treatment.

Active, organic ingredients

The majority of the active ingredients in Sothys OrganicsTM are certified organic and originate from the South of France. Organic sunflower oil and raspberry seeds (used in the peeler) are obtained from Europe

Organic birch sap: The star ingredient in the new Organics products is harvested in the border area between Chantal and Corrèze, a few kilometers from Les Jardin Sothys. The birch sap is manually harvested by a professional who carefully assesses the condition and health of the trees. Sap is the tree's energy and forms starch grains that enable them to overwinter. We use this ingredient for its good moisturizing and revitalizing properties.

- A birch tree can produce up to 200 liters of sap every day. Sothys extracts between 5-10 liters from each tree by "tapping" the tree in the same way as when extracting maple sap from maple trees. This is a sustainable and respectful way of extracting birch sap.

Organic Oleo Extract from Honeysuckle: Extracted through a green chemistry, maceration (soaking in helianthus oil). Known for its astringent, regenerating and softening properties as it is rich in hydroxycinnamic acids, flavonoids, tannins and saponins.

Organic flower water from Hawthorn*: This water is collected after distillation and is concentrated with active molecules. Hawthorn flower water has a restorative and calming effect as it contains essential oil components, such as terpenes. This refreshing and soothing floral water provides moisturizing benefits to the skin. *Used in the Revitalizing emulsion and the spray in the professional treatment.

Organic AlfaAlfa: Cultivated in 2 different places in France; Charente-Maritime and Drome. Rich in galactomannans (polysaccharides) and known for its retinol-like effects on collagen production. Stimulates collagen 1 synthesis and reduces the activity of MMP-1 (enzymes that break down collagen). Adapted to all skin types, even sensitive skin and has no negative side effects compared to retinol.

AlfaAlfa increases collagen synthesis by +201%

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