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Certified through ECOCERT® (validated by Cosmos Organics).

Sothys has chosen Ecocert® for the certification of its organic products as this has a strict standard and is recognized in over 120 countries.

  • The 3 star ingredients from the Sothys Organics™ range, birch sap, hawthorn flower water and oleo extract from honeysuckle are organically certified and are represented in Cosmo's certified database by Ecocert®.

  • All products in Sothys Organics™ have been inspected by Ecocert to obtain the "Cosmos Organic" label. Both composition/formula, production and packaging have all been assessed and approved before the launch.

Composition of Cosmos Organic certified products

To approve a finished product as Cosmos Organic, its composition must meet the following requirements:

  1. A minimum of 95% of plants in the products must come from organic farming

  2. A minimum of 20% organic ingredients (10% minimum for products that are washed off the skin)

Please note: water or minerals cannot be classified as "organic" as they are not a product of agriculture.

No GMOs, no nanotechnology, no silicone, no synthetic fragrance or colors.

Nice to know: Cosmos Organic was established in 2018 with the intention of standardizing the various organic certifications for cosmetics from various certification companies.

Vegan formulas

All the products within the Sothys Organics™ series are classified as vegan as they do not contain any ingredients of animal origin or have been tested on animals (no Sothys products or raw materials are tested on animals).

1 kg of plastic used = 1 kg of plastic collected

In connection with the launch of Sothys Organics™, Sothys has entered into a partnership with the organization Plastic bank®. With the desire to be a responsible supplier and reduce our environmental footprint, the Sothys Organics™ range is what we call plastic-neutral. This means that for every kilogram of plastic Sothys uses in packaging for the Organics™ products - a corresponding kilogram of plastic is removed from nature/the sea.

Plastic bank®, headquartered in Vancouver, is revolutionizing the world's recycling ecosystem to create a sustainable, inclusive and circular plastic economy; they operate in Brazil, Philippines, Indonesia, Haiti, Egypt, and will also expand further to Thailand, Vietnam, Cameroon and several other countries in the near future. Every kilogram of plastic used to produce packaging is offset by collecting the equivalent weight in used plastic. In addition, every kilogram of plastic collected directly helps local recycling entrepreneurs by giving them income, health and education in return for the amount of plastic collected and delivered to Plastic bank®'s receptions.

Sothys' initiative to fight plastic pollution: In addition to creating packaging that uses eco-design as far as possible, Sothys is committed to an initiative with Plastic bank® to fight plastic pollution and poverty by enabling its consumers to play an active role and make responsible and useful purchases.


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