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An extension of the skincare regime..

Our liquid foundations are based on nurturing principles and are a cross between make-up and skin care. The products should therefore not only make the skin more beautiful now and then, but contribute with a treating effect while you use them. We can claim this because we have documented proven effects on all our foundations.

New generation of liquid foundations

  • Teint Detox Energie™ = Full coverage/ semi-matte finish

    Teint Detox Energie™ works to improve skin tone, conceal impurities, reduce the appearance of pores, redness and dark spots. It has a semi-matte finish and high coverage.

  • Complexion Jeunesse = Medium coverage / glowing finish

    Teint jeunesse revives the skin's glow and hides signs of aging. This has a glowing, silky finish with medium to high coverage. The skin tone looks visibly younger, with an immediate smoothing effect.

Both foundations are:

🌿 Silicone-free

🌿 At least 80% of the ingredients come from natural sources

🌿 Botanical, active ingredients

🌿 Made in Corrèze (France)

🌿 100% of the packaging is made in France

Color system foundations

Teint Detox Energie™ and Teint Jeunesse both have 10 different colours. These are divided into three different undertones which are as follows:

  • COOL (4 x C colors with a cold undertone - more towards pink)

  • NEUTRAL (3 x N colors with a neutral undertone - without either yellow or pink undertones)

  • WARM (3 x W colors with warm undertone - more towards yellow)

As shown in the video above, the best place to try foundation is on the jawline, towards the neck. The color should optimally "almost melt" in with your own skin tone. We often have to mix 2 different colors within the same undertone to find the perfect match. By having a lighter and a darker foundation for your skin tone, you can blend to the right color shade throughout the year.


Supplementary foundation/base products

  • Teint Unifiant = Smoothing powder to give a supple and glowing skin tone.

  • Fixating compact powder = Transparent setting powder for good durability of the make-up.

  • Dark circle eraser = Eye cream with concealer effect

  • Consealer pencil = "Concealer pencil" with anti-acne effect

The skin care professional's expertise

As a skin care professional, you have a very good starting point to understand your customer's wishes and the skin's needs. It is your expertise about skin together with our well-formulated products that create satisfied customers. Ensure good light with the right light temperature when you need to find a foundation color for your customers. The best light is daylight or a lamp with 5600° Kelwin (many "Ring light" and similar lamps reach up to 5500° Kelwin - it's ok to find foundation color)

For information:

Teint Naturel /Glowing hydrating foundation will be discontinued in the spring of 2022 (colour BR30 will be in the range for a little longer), this is therefore not included in the tutorial video above. It also has a different color system (B Beige + BR Beige Rose) than Teint Detox Energie and Teint Jeunesse.


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