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With short nights, a hectic life and daily aggressions — every day the skin is exposed to aggressions that contribute to a disturbed skin barrier and cell renewal.

Sothys has therefore developed 2 new products to tackle these challenges we face from day to day.

The latest science

The new products are based on aromacology and gemmotherapy. Aromacology is the science that studies the relationship between smells and the reactions they produce in humans. Gemmotherapy is natural medicine, where young shoots and buds from plants are said to draw out toxins that are believed to accumulate in the body.

The star ingredients in Noctuelle™ - Renovative night cream

Sea-buckthorn oil (buckthorn): A superfruit rich in antioxidants and consists of unsaturated fatty acids (omega 3, 6, 7 and 9). With such a high concentration of fatty acids, this ingredient provides a protective and regenerating effect on the skin. In vitro tests showed that 1% with sea-buckthorn oil reduces lipid peroxidation by as much as 46%! This is the process where free radicals steal electrons from the lipids in the cell membrane and then lead to cell damage. It's no wonder then that sea buckthorn is a recognized superfruit when it is not only rich in nutrients, but also acts as a powerful antioxidant.

Jania Rubens seagrass: This is an algae with a calcified structure that makes it resemble coral grass. These ingredients have a direct effect on the Mitochondrium, an organelle found inside cells that provides vitality. This organelle is particularly exposed to reactive oxygen species, e.g. H202 that disrupts the function of the organelle inside the cell. Jania Ruben's Seaweed works by entering the cell and stimulating AQP8 channels found inside the organelle to help it eliminate H202 that has built up throughout the day. Jania Ruben's seaweed therefore helps to combat daily aggressions by recycling free radicals.

At the same time, this ingredient helps to increase the synthesis of 3 types of collagen in the skin, I, IV and VII, all of which contribute to the skin's youthful appearance and better dermal density.

Organic blackcurrant buds: This active ingredient contributes necessary and basic molecules necessary to increase cellular respiration and metabolism. Sothys Advanced Research has used the knowledge of Gemmotherapy for this key ingredient, this science consists of buds having a richer number of active molecules than the plant itself. And in the core of the bud we find the growing cells that consist of the plant's gene and the information the tissue needs to reproduce further into a plant. In vitro tests showed that 1% of this active ingredient increased the oxygen intake in fibroblasts by 255%!

The star ingredient in Noctuelle™ - Renovative micro-capsules

Vitamin C: The capsules contain 20% pure vitamin C, an ingredient that has several recognized properties to combat aging in the skin:

A powerful antioxidant: neutralizes free radicals to prevent their damage in the skin.

Anti-aging molecules: protect the skin and increase collagen levels, the synthesis of epidermal lipids.

Lightening effect: decrease in the synthesis of melanin, and reduces the appearance of dark spots on the skin.

Important about: Renovative micro-capsules

These capsules can be combined with all other Sothys youth serums and creams (Detox Energie, Hydra3ha, Youth, etc.), Renovative micro-capsules are then added as the first layer.

However, Renovative micro-capsules must NOT be combined with GD glysalac and LD lactic dermobooster.


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