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Sothys uses the term "youth" in many of its series which have an impact on the youthfulness of the skin. This includes, among other things, series such as Hydra4, Detox Energie™ and Nutritive. In this course module we deal with Youth creams which are included as part of our "anti-age" programme.

What is your "skin age"?

It is the age of the skin, not the customer, that determines which Youth cream you should choose. The skin's age does not always reflect the biological age (depending on internal and external influences) and various aging markers in the skin can help you choose the cream that matches the skin's degree of aging.

Sothys creams are supplied in 4 varieties, of which Wrinkle-targeting cream and Firming youth cream are offered in two different textures (normal and comfort/rich) - thus we have a total of 6 different creams in the Youth "anti-age" series.

Age markers:

  • Fine lines/first wrinkles

  • Facial wrinkles (lines that only appear when using the muscles)

  • Static wrinkles (lines that also appear when the face is relaxed)

  • Furrows (deeper wrinkles and folds in the skin)

  • Loss of resilience (reduced elasticity to varying degrees)

  • Loose skin on the jawline (sagging skin over the jawbone - from the chin towards the ear)

  • Uneven pigmentation/ pigment spots

  • Loss of skin density/thickness (breakdown of supporting fibers)

  • Loss of volume (lack of subcutaneous fat and support, e.g. at the temple)

  • Lack of glow and vitality (due to insufficient formation of lipids and slower transfer of nutrients, oxygen and slow cell renewal)

4 stages of aging

The creams are divided into four stages. For each stage, you TREAT what the skin is in now, and PREVENT the next. So we can say that the creams have both a therapeutic and preventive effect on the aging process.

  • Wrinkle-targeting youth cream Skin age 35 -45 years

  • Firming youth cream Skin age 45 -55 years

  • Restructuring youth cream Skin age 55-65 years

  • Redencifying youth cream Skin age 65+ years

Similar and different content

Common to all Youth creams is that they contain the patented βp3. Tri-complex (saffron, saffora and peptides) to combat internal (biological) and external (environmental) ageing. Together with a number of well-known and several innovative ingredients, those with proven effects will fight signs of aging.

Wrinkle-targeting youth cream (lines - elasticity)

To visibly smooth out lines and wrinkles, maintain skin firmness and preserve a clear skin tone. Extends the skin's youthfulness and prevents the next stage of aging.

Active ingredients:

  • Liposme complex (Dipeptide and milk thistle extract): helps to visibly smooth out wrinkles while combating glycolysis (innovation)

  • Yeast extract: to preserve the skin's tightness and maintain elasticity

  • Citric and pyruvic acid: to maintain the glow for a perfect skin tone

Comes in 2 variants: Wrinkle-targeting youth cream: Normal variant for normal/combination skin and Wrinkle-targeting comfort youth cream: Richer variant for dry skin


Firming youth cream (loss of firmness - wrinkles)

To visibly smooth out wrinkles and limit the appearance of sagging skin. The face appears lifted and toned, its youthful essence revived.

Active ingredients:

  • Hibiscus seed extract: protects FGF (fibroblast growth factors / growth factors - innovation) for skin elasticity.

  • Plantain stem cells (from banana): visibly reduces wrinkles, the appearance of dark spots and signs of sagging skin. Epigenetic innovation!

Comes in 2 variants: Firming youth cream: Normal variant for normal/combination skin and Firming comfort youth cream: Rich variant for dry skin

Restructuring youth cream (Sagging, dark spots and deep wrinkles)

To combat advanced signs of aging. Wrinkles, even deep wrinkles. Skin laxity and "sagging". The skin is filled in and its youthfulness appears restored.

Active ingredients:

  • Marine exopolysaccharides (derived from algae and sea plants): visibly plump and plump wrinkles

  • Duo of vitamin D-like Chicory root extract composed with a peptide extracted from a calcium-like yeast: to restore the skin barrier and its important functions

  • Root extract: inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, makes it possible to fight sagging skin, sagging tissue, restores the skin barrier and reduces dark spots

Supplied in 1 variant: Consistency and nutrition adapted to the age level


Redencifying youth cream (loss of skin vitality - mature signs of aging)

Rebuilds a glowing skin tone that is full of vitality while reducing the visible signs of aging. The skin is revitalized and it appears fuller.

Active ingredients:

  • Kombucha extract (fermented black tea - or "elixir of life"): to visibly reduce wrinkles, plump and plump the skin. (Surgery-free lipofilling effect, by restoring defects in volume).

  • Uronic acid and bamabre pea extract: an innovation inspired by scientific studies on age-related skin tissue degeneration. To prolong the visible youthfulness of the skin.

  • Alisma peptides: mechanisms similar to those of probiotics to promote the production of antimicrobial bacterial molecules while avoiding inflammation. Strengthens the skin's barrier and balance.

Supplied in 1 variant: Consistency and nutrition adapted to the age level


Same price regardless of age

In order to be able to offer the correct and tailored treatment for the customer's skin, it is important that the price does not affect which of the Youth creams she chooses. Therefore, all Youth creams are at the same recommended retail price.


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