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A historic family business focused on excellence

​Unlimited possibilities for a family run business.

​Since 1946, passed down from father to son, the passion of the Mas family has developed and honored the Sothys brand. Currently, the company is supervised by two brothers, Christian and Frederic.

2 key places that played a historic role in the development of the brand. The Mas family comes from the Corrèze region in southwestern France, where units are still located to this day science and research, production, administrative department and Les Jardins Sothys ™ (Sothys ecological gardens).

Paris is home to an international training center and the exclusive, flagship Sothys Institute under the prestigious address 128 Faubourg Saint Honoré.

A brand that remains exclusively professional for over 75 years.

Sothys, one of the original brands dedicated to beauty institutes and spas, was established in 1946, during the new wave of French beauty.

It was then that the first recipes were created by Dr. Hotz, a visionary of beauty treatments and an avid Egyptologist. The Sothys brand owes its name to the brightest star in the sky, derived from the legends of the pharaohs.


Currently, the brand is recognized globally, in over 120 countries and available in 20,000 beauty salons. It is distinguished exclusively by a professional approach, practiced by cosmetologists, perfectly trained in the brand's treatments and techniques.

As a strong symbol that expresses the respect the brand has for nature, Les Jardins Sothys ™  in Auriac (Corrèze) are a source of constant inspiration and bear witness to the brand’s involvement in sustainable development.

Les Jardins Sothys ™  is an exquisite Botanic garden that opened in 2007.  It was awarded the Jardin Remarquable label, and boosts a fine dining restaurant and a Boutique. This exceptional place now attracts over 12,000  visitors every year!

Natural active ingredients created by Les Jardins Sothys™

Complete product offer

Prepare your beauty recipe together with a Sothys cosmetologist. Find out what your skin needs and provide it with optimal care.

Unique formulas combining the quintessence of Sothys brand know-how with the most modern scientific solutions.


Offering complete, advanced care programs and new concepts, Sothys responds to all skin problems in a precisely targeted way.


An alternative or replacement for dermocosmetic treatments or devices used in aesthetic medicine offices.


​Thanks to unique treatment protocols, the rituals are an unforgettable journey into the world of the senses, excellent well-being and beautiful, firm skin.


Increased protection to maintain skin youth


An original concept combining chronobiology and delicious aromas to discover the glow of your skin at any time of the year.


L'essence du maquillage: Your essential makeup kit to enhance and enhance your natural beauty.


Sothys offers a comprehensive line of products and treatments for men.


The perfect combination of organic care and optimal performance - a vegan line with a cosmeceutical accent and an organic certificate.


In each of our innovations, we pursue the idea of ​responsible beauty that respects the skin and the environment

Sothys invests 1% of its revenue into protecting nature through Les Jardins Sothys ™  and by sustainably managing its 4-hectare site within a 26-hectare protected forest reserve.

All Sothys Organics® products have been designed with materials that are recycled and/or recyclable and the various packaging is manufactured in France or in Europe.

We choose recycled materials and use 100% cardboard and paper from sustainably managed forests. More than 95% of our packaging comes from Europe.

We select design-focused yet light-weight packaging and are reducing the volume of our gift boxes and cardboard.

We are developing ever more packaging in single materials or with separable elements to make them easier to identify and sort. We removed all PVC many years ago.

Committed to sustainable development


Our expert: the Digiesthéticienne™

A real aesthetics professional trained in the practical aspects of the profession, the Digiesthéticienne™ is the ambassador for the efficiency of Sothys treatment rituals.


She knows how to listen, establish a cosmetic diagnosis and a beauty prescription and guide each client’s Fil de Vie™.


Synergetic programme

The efficiency of Sothys treatments is based on the combination of highly sophisticated treatments provided at an institute and daily products used at home to prolong the effects. An accurate beauty diagnosis, for a customized beauty prescription.



Research and development are our key priorites

​25 expert biochemists, pharmacists and beauty therapists work at the SOREDEC Laboratory, the Sothys Group research centre.


Every year, an average of 35 new product formulas and 15 new make-up products. Each formula takes a minimum of 24 months to be developed.

Respect for nature, use of regional resources, sustainable development, scientific cooperation with universities…

These are the values that guide research and help the brand create active ingredients inspired by Les Jardins Sothys:

  • Flax extract, Boletus edulis extract 1055 (French patent no. 1055097),

  • Sothys rose stem cells,

  • Saffron Flower Extract

  • Organic elderberry extract (patent no. FR 1853898)

Inspiration of nature and rigour of science.

Intensive treatments

Unique sensory experiences and targeted effectiveness -
perfection of professional facial treatments

An energy boost for the skin and a protective shield against the harmful effects of environmental stress. 100% satisfaction after just 1 treatment. The skin regains energy. The complexion is illuminated and looks cleansed.


With organic black elderberry extract / patent application no. FR1853898

Optimal skin hydration, with 6 stages aimed at smoothing, hydrating, firming and renewing the skin's youth. A highly efficient treatment combining 4 sources of hyaluronic acid. After the first treatment, 100% of people say that their skin is moisturized, softer and radiant.


Hydra Hyaluronic Acid 4 / With boletus extract 1055 (1055097)

Targeted action to combat the signs of skin aging: reducing and preventing the appearance of wrinkles, preventing skin sagging. Increased skin firmness by 50%!



Travel with Sothys

The Sothys brand is present in the most prestigious spas, hotels and beauty institutes around the world. Currently, it cooperates and has excellent relationships with 15,000 facilities located in over 120 countries. They also include unique Polish spa centers and beauty salons.

Palais Ronsard - Morocco
La Caravelle - Guadeloupe
Przystan Hotel & Spa - Poland
Hotel Czarny Potok - Poland
Savoy Resort & Spa - Seychelles
Hotel Le Cap Estel - France



Our Sothys partners

The 4,600 m² logistics center located in Ussac in Corrèze sends 1.5 million parcels annually to recipients around the world. Logistics processes have been fully streamlined, in accordance with the highest, globally applicable standards.

A modern production unit with an area of 7,500 m2 located in Meyssac in Corrèze, producing over 400 tons of face creams and 130 tons of body lotions annually, operates in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.

High quality and production standards in all activities. Paper and cardboard packaging come from sustainably managed forests.

Optimization of waste consumption and collection processes is carried out in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.

Responsible production. Les Jardins Sothys™ are the main source of inspiration for natural ingredients. Active ingredients are obtained in a responsible, environmentally friendly way. The brand is famous for short component delivery cycles.

Made in France with eco responsible production

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